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Alan D Boyd - Producer, songwriter, media compose


Payment is required to be made in advance in order to secure and schedule your session. 

Any cancellation made by the client less than 72 hours before the session will result in a loss of the fee. Cancellation previous to 72 hours before the session will result in loss of 50% of fee unless an alternate date can be decided upon.

If for any reason we need to postpone or reschedule a session and you are not satisfied with the new arrangements you will be fully refunded. Once a session has taken place a refund will not be given.

This cancellation policy relates to regular bookings. 

Sessions are booked to include the time to complete and output a master recording of the session. Should the client require further outputs or alternate mixes these will be delivered only when the time to do so is paid for by the client.  

Special offers, as well as bookings placed within 72 hours of the session, may be subject to different terms. All terms and conditions for these will be explained in full by email or phone when booking takes place.


All recordings will be credited as ‘Produced by Alan D Boyd’ with contact details provided.

The Producers reserve all rights to the sound recording including all moral rights. These will be retained by Alan D Boyd until such time as an agreement for the master recording royalties has been signed and payment received. Upon receipt of payment in full and the fully executed written agreement the rights in the production will be assigned to the client.

The producers role may include but is not limited to arrangement, instrumentation, direction of artists, song selection, audio engineering and supervision of the sound recording. 

Should you require assistance in writing your song lyrically or melodically then this will be deemed a co-write and the producer will be entitled to a share of the rights of not less than an equal share to the other writers. 

Any sessions that are deemed to be co-writes from the beginning will see the producer given a share based on an equal split between the number of writers. Should other writers be involved in the future with out consultation of the producer this will in no way affect or change the producers share. 

Any musicians required will be paid for by the client unless an agreement is made with the producer before the session. 

An MP3 will be provided to the client of the mixed master as well as a ‘TV’ mix. For release of WAV files and STEMS a production agreement will need to be in place.


In addition to above…

Sessions where the producer is engaged to create masters for release by the artist or through third parties will require a deal in place with the producer before any masters can be provided. This deal may include but not be limited to payment, royalty agreements, writing splits, producers right to exploitation of masters and producers right of association with the master recordings. 

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