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Sendo Senshi Cassette

Sendo Senshi Cassette

SKU: 364115376135191

Japanese-Italian composer Alessandro ‘Saseko’ Motojima and 70’s B-Movie/Godfather of Whitexploitation White Dolemite infamously collaborated on the movie ‘Sendo Senshi’ however the film was never officially released. The soundtrack was released but then discontinued within a month, shrouding the work in myth. 

Those familiar with ‘Sendo Senshi’, mainly aficionados of the grindhouse, b-movie, slasher-samurai epics, have quietly gone about making this one of the most eagerly sought after records in film and music history. 

With the resurgence in grindhouse and film poster art, record label Carnero Records have launched with an aim to bring this most aesthetic of sub-cultures back to the fore. 

"Who the hell is Motojima? I'm in love with this undiscovered classic."

Freddie Cowan - The Vaccines 

"Sendo Senshi is a dangerous record, your imagination awaits!"
Ray Russell – Guitarist John Barry 7


" can almost smell the gunpowder on the turntable." 

Sally Timms - The Mekons 

"He’s in a class of his own."
Mo Foster - Ringo Starr, Jeff Beck, Composer 



Re-released June 5, 2013 

Artwork By – Videomat 

Double Bass – Mao Yamada 
Drums – Paul "Mayhem" Mayhew 
Flute – Eliza Marshall 
Guitars - Alan D Boyd 
Saxophone – Katy Jungman 
Synth – Mark "Soft As" Silk 
Trumpet – Sarah Woolfenden 
Orchestra – The QC197 Orchestra 
Conductor – Alessandro "Saseko" Motojima 

Producer – Alessandro "Saseko" Motojima 
Mixing and Mastering – Nick Taylor


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    Europe: £10

    Rest of world: £15

    I can not be held responsible for damage in transport. 

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