“Made Up Music asked composer and film maker Alan D. Boyd to compose an album of songs that sounded like the 80s. The result was amazing. Great songs and attention to detail in the arrangements to ensure that the mood was right on the button all the way. It would be a disservice to Alan to think that his creative skills as a composer was just in that genre. He has composed for many TV programmes and films which have all been diverse. Any task he is set, he will come up with a gem.” • Ray Russell, Composer, Musician & Owner at Made Up Music

Alan writes for clients in television and film as well as working with his writing collective the QC197, Annabelle Mitchell & on his own. You can listen to some of his work below. You can also find him on FaceBook.

SONGWriting: QC197

SONGWriting: ADB & BElle

SONGWriting: ALan D Boyd

SONGWriting: Libraries

Made Up Music

An album of songs in an 8o’s style for this library that prides itself on the quality of musicians and writers. 

Felt Music Library

Over 100 tracks in this library featuring a selection of underscore, ambient and dramatic cues.