Session Legends - One More Time

I am putting on a series of intimate shows in North London featuring the incredible Ray Russell & Mo Foster. This is part of the new Air B’n’B concert series and tickets are only available through the website

It's also in part to help promote my feature documentary One More Time that I've been working on between music projects. 

There'll be music, a little chat and a chance to meet these fantastic players whose involvement in London’s historic music history is considerable. Mo & Ray have played on thousands of records and performed live for artists such as Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Tina Turner & Gil Evans. 

The venue is the intimate basement speakeasy of Tufnell Parks Aces & Eights - only 45 seats available. March 29, May 1 & May 29th are the first three dates we have booked with more to follow.

Join us and share this out amongst your own communities both local and internationally. If this all goes well there will be more in the future as we reach out across the continents to the thousands of music fans who visit London annually. 

Be seeing you!



Bowie play at Edinburgh Fringe

Last year I did the sound design and a few musical adaptations of some Bowie tunes for Adrian Berry's play Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads. It's been touring around the UK and this year is hitting the Edinburgh Fringe from most of August at the Pleasance Theatre. 

Here's a pretty great interview with Adrian in which he talks about how the play came together and a little bit about working on the sound. 


New Writing Collective: The QC 197

I've been working for the last year or so with a group of songwriters on a few different projects and recently we've come up with a name and are moving forward as a songwriting collective. 

So let me introduce the QC197! Clickity-click to hear for yourself. You can also find us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

 The group is Emma (Chilli) Chilinski, Barry Locke, Ella Jones, Joe (TRex) Kehoe and myself as contributor and producer. 

We've been writing a Northern Soul style library album for Made Up Music that we hope to have ready for the end of this year as well as writing a variety of styles running from Contemporary Hit Radio, Pop, R&B, Rock and AOR/Pop (with just a hint of country). 

Having such a great group of writers means we got a lot of experience to call on as well as the fact that we have loads of great musicians to work with running from legendary bass player Mo Foster through to guitarist Freddie Cowan of the Vaccines. 

So get in touch if you need songs for your band; your ad campaign; or your film! We also do interpretations and covers - check out this Justin Timberlake cover of Cry Me A River

Horizon: The Dawn of Driverless Cars

Another episode of Horizon completed for the BBC composing music for the UK & Worldwide versions. The programme will be out in the UK soon and internationally later this year. 

It was a long production this time with contributors across the US & the UK and I ended up finishing the mix while up in Scotland for the Easter weekend. 

One of the most fun parts was creating music that was to emulate music in 'The Guide' from the original Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy BBC television programme. That over graphics and with sound effects is pretty effective.

Transmission date to be announced soon. 

Chora EP - by ADB & Belle

A few years ago I embarked on writing songs with Annabelle Mitchell for something we dubbed the 'Sci-fi' project. The main idea was to write a set of songs to a narrative and for characters - something that would be different from the songs we had done so far. I also wanted to mix the instuments up to sound like a time before MIDI and digital music making. 

We ended up with this EP and now it's available on BandCamp. It's taken a while to finish but we're here with it now and it's a bargain at £3.

Chora EP

In a dystopian future where the Earth is recovering from a nuclear holocaust, sentient androids are guarding humankind's legacy in a hidden base on the moon. When an asteroid destroys much of the base CHORA returns to earth to decide if humans are worthy of receiving the knowledge that has been so closely protected for a thousand years.


Written by Alan D. Boyd, Annabelle Mitchell & Roman Turtev
Produced by Alan D. Boyd
Engineered by Alan D. Boyd & Roman Turtev
Mastered by Nick Taylor at Air-Edel
Artwork by Video Matt

Vocals - Annabelle Mitchell
Guitar, Bass, Percussion & Programming - Alan D. Boyd
Drums & Percussion - Roman Turtev
Additional guitar on 'This is Not My Ideal' - Ray Russell


Yuletide greetings and all that

It's been a busy and varied year with everything from creating solo Erhu tracks for US series Salem or working on a specially commissioned production for the Royal Shakespeare Company's celebration of the Bards 400th anniversary.

Next years already starting with a new commission for the BBC, a track for an album of Finnegans Wake (with my band Little Sparta) and finishing a 60's Soul inspired album of songs. 

Till then here's a Christmas Song that is part of that album! Have a good one. 

A Minute of Your Time

I've put together a one minute reel of my work with testimonial from directors, producers and music supervisors I've worked with. Hopefully this will give you a taste of what I can do without taking too much of your time. 

If your interested in my music and would like to get in touch then drop me a line at . I'm always interested in meeting new people and collaborating on proejcts. 

View the reel HERE if the video is not playing. Afterwards you will have an opportunity to view my FULL REEL


In Memoriam of Adrian Kerridge

Earlier this week Adrian Kerridge passed away. I only met him once as I interviewed him for my documentary One More Time but he was a very charming and open about his career in music from the 50's onward. 

We met in July 2015 and I asked him to reflect on his time as an engineer, producer and studio owner working during an incredibly creative period and with some of the most legendary names in the music business; both in the UK and internationally.

Adrian emailed me last week telling me of his book out on November 3rd (Tape's Rolling: Take One) and dropping me a line again asking after the film and encouraging patience in it's completion.

Here's a little of his life in his words - from that interview - and something Mo Foster wrote to me.

"Adrian was one of a kind. He was passionate about music. It was so sad when he was forced (by record company indifference) to close his beloved Lansdowne Studios — where I seemed to spend half of my life —after 49 years."
Mo Foster

Link to Video:

Tim Peake Music Submitted for 'Best Music' Award

It's nice when people appreciate your work! Especially when it's making something that involves so many people - like a television show. 

I was told this morning that Steve Crabtree, commissioning editor for the BBC, has submitted the Tim Peake Horizon special in for an award to recognise the music. Of course I'm hoping that may go further but if not I'm glad that they felt it was so good and to have worked with Simon Winchcombe and the Horizon team and the people at Worldwide who made sure there was a budget for music.  

Some of the music is here on my Soundcloud page - go on, have a listen!


On June 6th I'm undertaking a grand day of filming for my feature documentary One More Time where we will get together a group of the players, some very talented singers and writers, a whole bunch of cameras and film it all! 

Needless to say we are interested in any funding that anyone might want to discuss at any level. If this is something you'd see yourself coming on board for then please have a look at the webpage and drop me a line via the contacts page. 

New Music - BBC Horizon: Icestatation

Been putting the final touches on some music for director Simon Winchcombe and the latest Horizon programme that he's been working on. This time it's the frozen Antarctic with BBC weatherman Peter Gibbs (his photo blog is here).

Besides that I'm getting ready to do something very different with the London based circus company Mimbre that will take place in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 23 (hint). Also working on a pitch for a new BBC comedy this week with guitar legend Ray Russell - that's the way to get working with these guys, make a movie about them.

Speaking of which my film One More TimeThe story of the men behind the music has a webpage now with contact information, photos and everything else you'd expect. Check that out and share it here:

Till next time.



Recording Erhu for Salem

Last week I got the chance to write a few cues for my friend Nicholas Copus who is directing the US television programme Salem. He wanted some Erhu - a Chinese bowed instrument - to be used as source music over a scene where a character plays it. We recorded it to feel live and quite raw with a pair of ribbom mic's up close and a single condenser in the room.

This was a great challenge and I managed to get in touch with the UK Chinese Music Ensemble who were able to provide one of their players. Mr Chen came to record here at my studio and was very good in working with the music I had written as well as advising me on what I had not quite got right. 

It's one of the great things about this type of work - meeting new people and learning new instruments. Always love rising to the challenge. 

Listen to Player's Lament - one of the pieces of music.

Martyn Ford & Graham Preskett Interviews - One More Time

It's a new year and it kicked of with a bang as I got to talk to two great people are were involved in the UK session scene for my feature documentary One More Time.

On Monday I had a chance to talk with Martyn Ford, a conductor, musician and fixer whose list of album credits includes everyone from Led Zeppelin to Phil Collins. He told me about the importance of being on time and how being a fixer in the 70's sometimes required more than just getting the musicians!

Wednesday brought Graham Preskett to talk at my studio. I've had the great fortune of meeting Graham at some sessions put together by Ray Russell where he seamlessly moved from piano to bass to harmonica - an instrument he played on the score to the classic Thelma & Louise. 


Graham also brought in a diary that ran from 1974 into the early 1990's documenting sessions and pay. Note an early session for Hans Zimmer part way down on the second page.

Please join my One More Time FACEBOOK page and TWITTER so we can build a strong fan base and please share with others!


A follow up on the BBC Horizon Special on Astronaut Tim Peake who is now safely on board the International Space Station. 

You can watch the programme HERE on the BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK. 

And if you liked the music then you can listen to a few of the cues HERE on my Soundcloud page. 

Talking with director Simon Winchcombe about his next project about Antarctica. Looking forward to that for the new year. 

Horizon: How to be an Astronaut - Original Music by Alan D. Boyd

Over the last few months I've been working with director Simon Winchcombe on his Horizon special about British astronaut Tim Peake who is heading up to the International Space Station on December 15th. 

The programme is broadcasting in the UK on December 13th and features a whole bunch of original music that I composed for the programme. It also features Rose Grenades; a track by my band St Just Vigilantes. 

It's been a lot of fun and it's a truly great programme. I don't think I've wanted to be an astronaut for so many years and now I do again!

Here's the twitter teaser: 

Producing Rory Scott EP

September has been busy. Music for SPOV and two project they've produced; music for a new NHS ad launched this autumn; music for a BBC programme about Britain's first astronaut to go to the ISS; and producing an EP for Rory Scott.

Rory was a student at ACM where I have been teaching and conducting workshops over the last few years. He came to me after we did a recording at Metropolis studios and asked if I'd produce his first EP. 

Rory's music is a great blend of jazz and blues with a great pop sensibility that makes you want to listen again and again. Lyrically he's dealing with strong emotional themes that are both compelling and at times haunting in their imagery. 

We've been putting down tracks at my studio in Kentish Town as well as getting some remote recordings from Ray Russell, BJ Cole & Deryn Cullen. I'm finishing up the mix with Rommy Turtev and we're taking it into Hackney Road Studios to give it a bit of final polish this weekend. 

There should be a release date soon as well as a launch night. I'll let you know. 

One More Time - Adrian Kerridge Interview

I'm making a feature documentary on the London session scene of the 60's & 70's and today I got a chance to catch up with Adrian Kerridge who was an owner & engineer at CTS/Lansdowne studios. 

Adrian has worked with everything from pop hits to major film scores working learning from Joe Meek and making Lansdowne one of the most successful of the independent  studios in the London scene. 

Come join the One More TIme  FaceBook page or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the films progress. 

Check out this Dave Clark Five Classic Glad All Over


New recordings from New Years Eve 2014.

On December 31st, while back in Canada for the holidays, I got together with my great friends Guy Smith (Guitar, Vox) & Tom Murray (Bass) and we decided record a few songs we had knocking about. Guy asked Tyler Bedford to join us on drums and suddenly we had a band! We booked a day in at The Twilight Living Room with Ian Martin at the controls and basically had a blast. 

And here is the result! Four guys in a room for the first time trying out a few songs. After a few overdubs at my place in London Ian got the mixes together and we've now got them up on Bandcamp for you to hear and - we hope - buy! Tom came up with Moon Drag and so we are. 

What can I say but check it out and who knows maybe we'll get together and put down a few more songs in Edmonton or London or somewhere else entirely. 


So here it is, my new webpage.

I’ve been trying to capture the diverse range of projects that I'm involved in without overwhelming the casual reader. 

The idea is to use this blog to talk about things I’ve been up to and show a bit of the process about how things are created. 

Thanks to Trevor Mill for designing and putting this site together. It was a good exercise in trying to organise music , footage and text into a readable whole. I generate a lot of content from all the various sessions and projects. 

There's a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline I can't tell you about yet, when they are officially released I'll blog them, so look forward to more sound and vision soon.

While your waiting for the next post have a listen to this great compilation: 

Cherrystones lp cover FABBY