Alan D. Boyd has composed music for me on multiple projects. Whether it’s a BBC mini series or Network US series Alan is my first port of call for fresh and cool music; be it an orchestral score or the simulation of a punk rock needle drop. He is a versatile and passionate talent.” • Nicholas Copus, Producer & Director Day of the Triffids, Flash, Salem

Alan D. Boyd: Composer

Whether evoking the terror of man-eating plants threatening the survival of mankind, an epic journey to space, or the thrill of racing shopping carts downhill, Alan’s scores always add further dimension to a production complementing the directors vision.





Music to picture AudiO Playlists:

credits list: 

Artificial Intelligence: Horizon in production
BBC, Director Simon Winchcombe.  2017

NHS (advert) 
Studio 32. 2016

Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads (Sound Design - Theatre)
Writer/Director Adrian Berry.  2016

Salem (additional music)
WGN America, Director Nicholas Copus.  2016

Ice Station Antarctica: Horizon
BBC, Director Simon Winchcombe.  2016

Wondrous Strange: Mimbre Theatre Company (Sound design, Composition, Music Supervision)
RSC, Director Lina Johannsson.  2016
A commission by the Royal Shakespeare Company to celebrate Shakespeare 400

Enter the Spov (Showreel)
SPOV, Director Allen Leitch.  2016

How to be an Astronaut: Horizon
BBC, Director Simon Winchcombe.  2015

NHS (advert) 
Studio 32. 2015

Surviving the Holocaust: Freddie Knollers War
BBC, Director Simon Winchcombe. 2015

Shiner (Short Film)
Loonatik & Drinks, Director David Lilley. 2014 

ICELAND: I’m a Celebrity (Idents)
Studio 32. 2014

The Underwear Bomber. Detroit Plane Plot (UK/USA/CANADA) 
Darlow Smithson for BBC/Discovery. 2010

NIKE: Tulio World Cup (Advert)
Felt Music Supervision. 2010

Black Ops Conspiracy: (Launch Video) 
Spov TV. 2010

The Wailing Well (Short Film)
Loonatik & Drinks, Director/Producer David Lilley. 2010

Playstation Move (Advert)
Felt Music Supervision. 2010

The Day of the Triffids
BBC, Director Nicholas Copus. 2009
Nominated for a Televisual Bulldog Award - Best score

Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash
Darlow Smithson Director Marc Tiley. 2009

True Tales of Terror
Darlow Smithson, Producer/Director Nicholas Copus. 2008

Carts of Darkness
National Film Board of Canada, Director: Murray Siple. 2008

Alive/I Shouldn't Be Alive    
Darlow Smithson, Series Producer Dan Gold